Sara Macdonald BA, MFHT, ILM

Reflexologist, Wellbeing and Postural Alignment Practitioner

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A combination of massage techniques to relieve aches, pains and stress. Therapeutic massage relaxes the muscle tissue allowing your body to regain its natural posture. I recommend you continue treatment on a monthly or six-weekly basis to prevent any reoccurrence, after the initial problem is resolved.


Core Postural Alignment is a gentle and incredibly effective treatment, suitable for all ages and health conditions whether caused by injury, postural distortion or illness.

I use a ‘rub out’ technique to tap into your body’s own innate healing ability. The pressure is light and the treatment very relaxing as I work around the spine, neck, shoulders, back and gluteal muscles.


I mainly work on the feet, although reflexology can be used on the face and hands too.

This wonderful therapy enables the whole body to be treated in a relaxed and gentle manner. It is a very good introduction to holistic therapy treatment and your Practitioner.

You will be comfortably and warmly covered as you lie back against the pillows; some people even relax into a little snooze, whilst I massage your feet and legs.

The benefits of reflexology treatment include:-

  • deep relaxation
  • increased circulation reducing any swelling in the feet and ankles
  • stimulation of the lymphatic system which aids removal of toxins to clear and clean the body
  • increased mobility and flexibility of the feet and toes.

Testimonial 3: “I am grateful to Sara for making me feel a lot more joined up. She certainly knows how to make one’s lymph and blood circulation flow better.”

Mrs M

Testimonial 4: “I have found all the above treatments very beneficial to my wellbeing. After a session I feel very relaxed, more mobile and at least an inch or two taller. I had a very painful knee and aching leg for a month. After one session with Sara nearly all the discomfort had gone and I could enjoy walking again.

Mrs W, Eastbourne