Sara Macdonald BA, MFHT, ILM

Reflexologist, Wellbeing and Postural Alignment Practitioner

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“My muscles ache, my knees won't bend I'm really quite a wreck. My back is sore, my shoulders hunched I'm even a pain in the neck! But when I go to see Sara, she magically makes me better and she very kindly asked me to write it in this letter!

Sara's brilliant.

RM Hailsham

“I have found all the above treatments very beneficial to my wellbeing. After a session I feel very relaxed, more mobile and at least an inch or two taller. I had a very painful knee and aching leg for a month. After one session with Sara nearly all the discomfort had gone and I could enjoy walking again.”

Mrs W, Eastbourne

“Having spent decades enduring varying levels of pain and discomfort, I followed an encouraging comment I'd overheard and booked a session. I have never looked back! Sara has made some amazing progress - things I took for granted as never improving and hence ignored. I have circulation/warmth back in my feet and lower legs, I can get my heels down on the floor after invasive surgery for a deformity as a child. There is hope! Thank you Sara.”


“I had 6 sessions of Wellbeing Coaching which definitely helped me to clarify a few things. I still have a lot of thinking to do … and need to decide what I want out of life and go for it.”


“I am grateful to Sara for making me feel a lot more joined up. She certainly knows how to make one’s lymph and blood circulation flow better.”

Mrs M

“I felt quite stressed juggling work, voluntary work and children and wanted to manage my time commitments and relationships better. After 7 sessions of coaching care I felt it had provided me with some clarity and peace of mind. A relaxing neck and shoulder massage helped relieve the stress of everyday life. I feel relieved and able to deal with aspects of my life that I had not previously been able to do and to focus on those things that are important. A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.”

Mrs L

“I have found Sara to have a professional approach to her work. She listens actively, is compassionate and understanding. The treatments I have received from her have supported improvement in my health and wellbeing, lessening pain and helping me to relax. I would recommend her as a complementary practitioner.”

Mrs T, Hailsham

“I first went to Sara when I had been given free vouchers for massage and reflexology. I found Sara very easy to talk to. She is very professional and I always feel better after a treatment. I usually have either reflexology or massage once a month. The choice of treatment is dependent on how I’m feeling on the day.”

CB, Eastbourne

“In my view Sara is a most knowledgeable and skilful practitioner. She is also good at assessment, listens attentively and carries out remedial treatment effectively. I can recommend her without hesitation.”

Mr S

“Not only is Sara a wonderful person, she is very thorough and an extremely good Therapist and Practitioner. I would recommend her services without hesitation.”