Sara Macdonald BA, MFHT, ILM

Reflexologist, Wellbeing and Postural Alignment Practitioner

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Wellbeing Coaching and The Chrysalis Effect

Coaching Care is a programme combining all my training into one package and designed just for you. For example - 6 coaching sessions and 6 treatments could be taken over a 6 or 12 week period; either alternating weekly sessions or booking a 2 hour session for coaching followed by a relaxing treatment. I recommend a minimum of 6 coaching sessions taken weekly or fortnightly, with a massage or reflexology treatment once a month. However to start off, download and complete the Wheel of Life exercise. This will give you a graphic snapshot of the areas causing stress in your daily life. You can then contact me to plan your personal sessions programme.

This programme really makes a difference, it isn’t an easy route to recovery but with will and determination and all the support the team can muster – recovery is possible. A willingness to address uncomfortable issues and make lifestyle changes with an open heart will certainly help too.

Please use this link to access a FREE 30 day trial of the online programme.

Packages of Care – before you make any financial commitment you will complete a Health Profile telling me your story and how fatigue conditions have affected you and your family, we will then have a Skype or telephone consultation to answer any questions you may have about the programme. Once we all feel comfortable with the way forward, the journey to recovery can begin.

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